I have done research on stochastic models such as time series, Markov chains and point processes and their applications in psychology and ecology. Recently, I have become involved with a network of statisticians, mathematicians and forestry researchers who are studying forest fires and ecology.

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Book Reviews

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  2. Braun, W.J. and Yu, H. Review of Weighing the Odds (by David Williams, Cambridge University Press), SIGSAM Bulletin of the ACM. 2002.

Graduate Supervison

Master's Projects

  1. Helen Huang (jointly supervised by R. Kulperger) “Statistical Modelling of Aberrant Crypt Foci”, 2000-01.
  2. Larraine Becker (jointly supervised by D. Bellhouse) “Estimation of Molecular Relative Frequency in ICS Images”, 2001-02.
  3. Jennifer Prokop “Application of a Third-Order Intensity Function to the Analysis of Reaction Time Data”, 2001-02.
  4. Cecilia Wong “Bootstrapping Long-Memory Processes”, 2003-04.
  5. Diana Asimit “On the Modelling of Preneoplastic Lesions in Rat Colons with Birth and Death Processes”, 2003-04.
  6. Aniela Moisei (collaborative program in Biostatistics; jointly supervised with Reg Kulperger) ”Estimating Parameters for an Interacting Particle System”, 2003-04.
  7. Tingting Gou (jointly supervised with Matt Davison), “Statistical and Mathematical Analysis of TSE Time Series”, 2003-05.
  8. Linan Xu (jointly supervised with Wenqing He), “Investigating Treatment Program for Patients with Severe Mental Illness”, 2005-2006.
  9. Hong Zheng, “Bandwidth Selection for Interval Censored Data”, 2005-2006.
  10. Yang Yang, “On the Analysis of Female Mice Preference and Tolerance Data”, 2006.
  11. Tanya Garcia (jointly supervised with R. Kulperger), “Improving the Prometheus model through smoothing”, 2005-2006.
  12. Lutong Zhou, “Better nonparametric one-sided tolerance limits”, 2006-2007.
  13. Jialin Sun (jointly supervised with D. Bellhouse), “Human-Caused Fires in The Romeo Malette Forest”, 2006-2007.
  14. Jonathan Lee “Forest Fire Risk Assessment in Muskoka, Ontario”, 2008-2009. (jointly supervised with D. Woolford)
  15. Victoria Wan, “Smoke Plume Estimation from Satellite Images”, 2008-2009. (jointly supervised with C. Dean)
  16. Kai Kang, “Sensitivity Analysis for Financial Time Series”, 2010-2011.
  17. Ka Ying Liu, “Triangular Data Analysis for Mice Maze Experiments”, 2010-2011. (jointly supervised with J. de Tibeiro)
  18. Li Geng, "Loss Estimation in the Muskoka", 2010-2012.
  19. Ge Jing, "Loss Estimation in the Muskoka", 2010-2012.

Doctoral Theses

  1. Jennifer Asimit “Analysis of Reaction Time Experiment Data using Point Process Techniques”, 2002-2006.
  2. Katherine Davies “Investigating a 2D Renewal Process”, 2004-2008.
  3. Xiuli Kang, “Constrained and Interval-Censored Kernel Regression”, 2007-2009.
  4. Mark Wolters , “Density Estimation Subject to Qualitative Constraints”, 2008-present.
  5. Lengyi Han “Randomizing the Deterministic Fire Spread Model PROMETHEUS”, 2009-present.
  6. Kevin Ma "Wind-Driven Fire-Spotting", 2010-present.

Graduate Thesis Examinations

  1. External examiner for Candemir Cigsar, Ph.D. Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo, September, 2010. Supervisor: Jerry Lawless.
  2. External examiner for Lihui Zhao, Ph.D. Statistics and Actuarial Science, Simon Fraser University, September, 2009. Supervisor: Joan Hu.
  3. University examiner for Adrian Estrada, Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, August, 2009. Supervisor: Hanping Hong.
  4. University examiner for Sudhan Banik, Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, September, 2008. Supervisor: Greg Kopp.
  5. External examiner for David Tolusso, Ph.D. Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo, August, 2008. Supervisor: Richard Cook.
  6. External examiner for Alberto Carabarin Aguirre, Ph.D. Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa, June, 2008. Supervisor: Gail Ivanoff.
  7. University examiner for Tyler Hayes, Ph.D. Earth Sciences, January, 2008. Supervisor: Kristy Tiampo.
  8. External examiner for T. Koulis, Ph.D. Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo, May, 2005. Supervisor: Mary Thompson.
  9. Departmental examiner for Y. Tsai, Ph.D., Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, U.W.O., 2006. Supervisor: Duncan Murdoch.
  10. Departmental examiner for W. Horn, Ph.D., Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, U.W.O., 2004. Supervisor: David Stanford.
  11. Departmental examiner for X. Zhang, Ph.D., Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, U.W.O., 2004. Supervisor: Duncan Murdoch.
  12. Extra-departmental examiner for M.Sc., M. Couillard, Applied Mathematics, University of Western Ontario, 2003. Supervisor: Matt Davison.
  13. Departmental examiner for X. Li, Ph.D., Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, U.W.O., 2002. Supervisor: Duncan Murdoch.
  14. Member of Advisory committee for L. Cheung, Ph.D., Statistics, University of Manitoba, 1998–2002. Supervisor: John Brewster.
  15. Extra-departmental examiner for C. Hulet, M.E.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Western Ontario, 2002. Supervisor: C. Briens.
  16. Extra-departmental examiner for M.Sc., H. Mannan, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Western Ontario, 2001.
  17. External examiner for A. Nikulin, Ph. D., Computer and Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1998.
  18. External examiner for P. Jilkine, Ph. D., Computer and Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1997.