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If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons.


This page contains more information about my dogs and links to some other dog organizations.

Dogs have been a very important part of my life. 

My first dog was Schatzi (1985-1996).  She was a wonderful German Shepherd Dog (GSD) who came very close to the perfect GSD.  I have only a few pictures of her.  She was a very clever dog, and the only dog that I know who would do lassie things in real life.

In 1991 Schatzi started her new job of visiting nursing homes and continued until her final 2 months when she became paralysed in her back end.

I initially took Frodo (named after Frodo Baggins) as a foster dog in January 1994.  He is a also a great gentle giant whom I adopted a few weeks after taking as a foster dog.  A second picture is Frodo2 where he is attending a graduate course.  Frodo was named after the other Frodo because he posses the gentle nature and the surprising depth of character of a Hobbit.

I also worked with a lab Bart, for several months to rehabilitate him, for whom we found a new home in late 1996.

In December 1996 I adopted a new GSD Dexter (b May 3, 1995).  Dexter1 loves his kong.   Frodo and Dexter are great buddies.

Sadly at age 5, just short of his 6th birthday Dexter had a very aggressive form of cancer.  He did not respond to chemotherapy and died just 23 days after diagnosis.  He died at home, but it was a terrible last night and he would have gone for a last visit to the vet that day.  Here are some pictures to show he was still full of life until the last couple of days.  These pictures are one and two weeks before his death.  Dexter liked sticks as seen here two weeks before his death Dex with a stick  Dexter and Frodo DexFrod1 just a week before Dexter died.  He was gentle with little children and puppy dogs; they could do anything to him, such as poking his eye with a little finger without provoking a growl (kids) to biting his tail (a 10 week old puppy named Dodger) and jumping all over his head.  Dexter also liked to keep all dogs in order helping other people to correct their dogs after they scolded their own dog.  I had a dozen or so (semi-joking) requests from puppy owners to have their puppy stay with Dexter for a month to learn manners.

Dexter (May 3, 1995 to May 1, 2001) made a tremendous impact in the 4 plus years he was with me.  May he and Schatzi have a great time in doggy heaven.  I can only hope the next GSD lives up to the standards of Schatzi and Dexter.

On October 5, 2001 a new German Shepherd Dog arrived in my household.  His name is Aragorn.  A first picture of him is Aragorn-1 at age 9 weeks.  Ari comes from Triglar Kennels  ( and was born on August 1, 2001.  He is named after Aragorn, the noble king who returns in the Lord of the Rings.  We will enjoy (hopefully) watching him grow into the nobility of his namesake.

Ari at 9 months (head) and laying

Frodo laying

Frodo died on February 13 2003 at home.  He had hemangiosarcoma, a blood vessel cancer.  Around 8 PM on Feb 13 he hemoraged and died peacefully.  He was the friendliest and most gentle giant one could ever hope to meet.  He now joins Schatzi and Dexter in doggy heaven.  Frodo-and-me in April 2001;  Frodo is on the one with the bigger ears.

In October 2004 a new dog Brando arrived, at age 4 1/2.  He is a rough collie (Lassie dog).  From day 1 he and Ari got on very well, although Ari is the leader.  It did take Brando a few months before he decided that he was in his new permanent home.  Like many collies he does not take readily to changes in his environment, but did adapt easily.  Brando and Ari are great friends, spending 24 hours a day together.  They enjoy running and playing, tug of stuffed toys, but generally just like to hang out together.  They also enjoy their life in the country and having dog visitors and humans too, especially if they bring treats.

Brando winter 2005-06 and before (June 2004) he come to live with Ari and I

Brando_Woods.jpg  fall 2006

Sadly Brando died December 6, 2010. He was 10 years old. He showed signs of being ill on December 4 evening and December 5. It was all fairly sudden. He was a gentle spirit and will be missed, by Ari and me, and many others. Brando now joins lots of great dogs in dog heaven.

Aragorn (Ari) turned 10 on August 1, 2011. We got a new puppy in late July to keep him young and entertained. The new puppy is Bilbo (born Feb 11, 2011). They got on well together from day 1. Now that Bilbo has reached 7 months he does try to pester and play harder with Ari such as flying leaps onto Ari at his head and neck.

Here is Bilbo during his first visit to work Bilbo-Sept15-2011 Bilbo is a tri-coloured collie. He has some interesting markings.

Ari died on May 21, 2013. He had terminal cancer and survived for about 8 weeks with it. He was a wonderful pet therapy dog. For some patients he knew he should climb up on their beds and lay beside the person, all 120 pounds of him. He brought lots of joy to many people. In 11 1/2 years of coming to my office, he never barked once at any visitor. For many years he always checked knapsacks and briefcases for extra sandwiches or if lucky dog treats. He showed many people what a fine companion a big male German Shepherd dog can be.

I started to help someone with a young GSD, Rosie. I have since adopted Rosie, after Ari's death. Usually it takes me a year to get another dog, but Rosie needed a good home. Like many GSDs she has a great desire to please and responded and learned well, after harnessing her energy. She is a very energetic German Shepherd Dog, not so good for a first time dog owner. However she is a very lovely dog, progressing in her behaviour and socializing with people and dogs, including at our local dog park.

Rosie is a sable GSD, just a bit smaller than average for a female GSD. As of September 2013 she is 15 months old, and loves sticks, pine cones or anything else that we can throw, and she loves to carry these around. Here is Rosie laying beside a stick RosieSept2013 and one with her running with a stick Rosie-Stick-Sept2013 While some sticks (branches or logs) are too big, she does not think so. The stick or branch in the picture is not big by her stick standards.

Bilbo my collie is just a wonderful nice laid back guy. His philosophy in life seems to be to stop and eat the roses. He has a lovely personality, and sense of play. Here is a picture of him laying in the yard at age 2 1/2 years. BilbosHead