R Packages for Presentations - May 30, 2014

I will be presenting two talks to the Korean R Users Group in Seoul on May 30, 2014.

  1. Recent Developments in rgl

  2. Advanced Sweave Techniques

    Sample documents:

    1. Simple Sweave with instructions for Korean text prepared with the help of Chel Hee Lee.
      1. Sweave input
      2. PDF output
      3. Figures from document
    2. A multi-chapter document with instructions for Japanese text prepared with the help of Yasuto Nakano and Prof. Haruhiko Okumura.
      1. Book.Rnw - the main file
      2. Chapter1.Rnw - setting up TeXShop
      3. Chapter2.Rnw - setting up TeXWorks
      4. Chapter3.Rnw
        1. Section.Rnw

My R packages are available online:

Duncan Murdoch