Organization Link Deadline Purpose
1SOAHalmstad Prize(None)Actuarial research paper
2CORSHarold Larnder Prize(None)International contribution
3ASAFellow?contributions to statistics
4CAIMSResearch Prize01/31/2007Research in emerging area
5CAS/SOAPhD Grant03/01/2007PhD student support
6CORSPractice of OR03/16/2007Outstanding OR practice
7CORSStudent Paper03/31/2007Student paper
8ASAOutstanding Statistical Application04/01/2007statistical application in any substantive area
9CAS Above and Beyond Award08/01/2007Support volunteerism
10CORSAward of meritFall?Significant contributions
11CORSOmond Solandt AwardFall?Organization doing OR
12STLHE + 3M3M Teaching Award09/14/2007excellence in UG teaching + teaching beyond the discipline
13CORSService AwardOctober+Service to CORS
14AF/SOAIndividual Grant10/15/2007Research grant
15ASANoether Awards10/15/2007nonparametric statistics under age 35
16UWOMarilyn Robinson AwardOctober 26excellence in classroom, lab or clinical teaching
17UWOPleva AwardOctober 26excellence in teaching
18CMSExcellence in TeachingNovember 15Undergraduate teaching
19COPSSFisher LectureshipNovember 15eminent statistician
20NASLAbel Prize11/15/2007outstanding work in math, CS, probability, statistics, etc.
21OCUFAOCUFA Teaching AwardsNovember 30Outstanding performance in teaching
22UWOHellmuth PrizeDecember 14career excellence in research
23UWOAngela Armitt AwardDecember 15excellence in teaching by part-time faculty
24Fac of SciFlorence Bucke PrizeJanuary, first weekresearch contributions under age 45
25COPSSPresidents' AwardJanuary 15contributions by a researcher under 41
26COPSSElizabeth L. ScottJanuary 15 (even years)help to foster opportunities for women in statistics
27SSCGold MedalJanuary 31?substantial contributions to stats and current leader in field
28SSCHonorary MembershipJanuary 31?career contributions to stats
29SSCService AwardJanuary 31?contributions to SSC
30IMSFellowJanuary 31demonstrated research in statistics or probability
31IMSCarver MedalFebruary 1service to IMS
32Fac of SciDistinguished Research ProfessorshipMarch 1contributions to research
33ASAWilks Memorial AwardApril 1outstanding contributions to statistics
34ASAstatistics in chemistryApril 1collaboration with chemists
35CMSAdrien Pouliot Award04/30/2008Outstanding math teaching
36Fac of SciExcellence for Undergraduate TeachingMay 1undergraduate classroom teaching
37Fac of SciOutreach AwardMay 1contributions to student recruitment or outreach
38FCCPAward of MeritMay?contributions by Chinese Canadians
39COPSSSnedecor AwardJanuary 15 (odd years)statistical theory in biometry
40COPSSF.N. David AwardJanuary 15 (odd years)female statistician in probability theory or history

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