Reproducible Research - November 29, 2013

I will be presenting a day of tutorials at the Institute for Statistical Mathematics in Tachikawa, Japan on November 29, 2013. This page contains the materials that will be presented.

  1. Reproducible Research in R: Part 1

    1. Sample document source
    2. Sample output
  2. Reproducible Research in R: Part 2

    Sample document:

    1. Book.Rnw, Book.pdf
    2. Chapter1.Rnw
    3. Chapter2.Rnw
    4. Chapter3.Rnw
      1. Section.Rnw

    Yasuto Nakano and Prof. Haruhiko Okumura sent me instructions on on running LaTeX on Japanese documents. (Set the document class to ujarticle; use uplatex and dvipdfmx for processing.) I have added instructions to Chapters 1 and 2 on how to do this; it requires a very new version of patchDVI, and the instructions may be subject to change.

  3. What's New in R 3.0.x?

    Demo code:

    1. Non-sweave vignettes
    2. Line profiling
    3. Profiled functions: First version, second version, third version
  4. Beautiful Tables in R: the tables package

    The tables package on CRAN

  5. Writing Package Vignettes

    The knitr package on CRAN

Duncan Murdoch