Dr. Bethany J G White

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences

Statistics are everywhere!


 A basic level of statistical literacy and thinking is essential in today’s information-driven society, yet people rarely look forward to taking a required statistics course. What can we do to help facilitate statistics learning?


 My research interests revolve around the impact of structured learning activities and course formats on student attitudes and understanding. Blended course delivery and experiential education are two areas of particular interest. I have conducted a number of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning projects on the use of service learning, online discussions, personal response systems, and web applet activities in statistics and is currently conducting a comparative study of a blended versus traditional lecture-based introductory statistics course.

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Statistical & Actuarial Science,

2nd Floor Western Science Centre

Western University

1151 Richmond Street

London, ON Canada N6A 5B7


Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 84106

E-mail: bwhite AT stats DOT uwo DOT ca

Professional Activities



¨ STAT/BIOL 2244 - Statistics for Science/Analysis & Interpretation of Biological Data


Faculty of Science Learning Development Coordinator


Faculty Associate in the Teaching Support Centre



Associate Editor, Journal of Statistics Education



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Text Box: “When I hear, I forget. 
When I see, I remember. 
When I do, I learn.”

~ Confucius