Statistics for Business and Social Sciences

Statistical Science 2035A/B/

Description: Descriptive statistics and graphs, probability and distributions. Sampling, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals. Experimental design and analysis of variance. Regression and correlation, including multiple regression. Applications emphasized. This course cannot be taken for credit in any module in Statistics, Actuarial Science, or Financial Modelling.

Term: A/B/AB

Prerequisite(s): One full course or equivalent from: Applied Mathematics 1413, Statistical Sciences 1024A/B, Calculus 1000A/B or 1100A/B or 1500A/B, Calculus 1301A/B or 1501A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B or the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B, 1228A/B, 1229A/B.

Antirequisite(s): All other courses or half courses in Introductory Statistics except Statistical Sciences 1023A/B and Statistical Sciences 1024A/B.

Extra Information: 3 lecture hours, 1.0 course.

Outlines of this course offered in past school years
Course Instructor(s) Outline Term School Year
SS2035001 Steve Kopp PDF AB 2016/2017
SS2035001 Azaz Sharif PDF AB 2015/2016
SS2035002 Steve Kopp PDF AB 2015/2016
SS2035001 Steve Kopp PDF AB 2013/2014
SS2035002 Hristo Sendov PDF AB 2013/2014
SS2035001 Steve Kopp PDF AB 2012/2013
SS2035002 Hristo Sendov PDF AB 2012/2013
SS2035650 Steve Kopp PDF AB 2012/2013
SS2035001 Steve Kopp PDF AB 2011/2012
SS2035002 Serge Provost, David Stanford PDF AB 2011/2012

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