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Welcome to my Web site!

This Webpage is mainly designed to help the students who are taking classes from me. Assignments/ suggested problems will be posted on this webpage. Also look for important notices and dates.  

Most of the assignments are intended to be in MS Word (*.doc) or Adobe (*.PDF) format. If you do not know how to view *.PDF files, visit Adobe Acrobat Reader for a free version.

Please feel free to suggest any changes or improvements to this website by emailing the webmaster (bottom of the page).

Sohail Khan
Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario

Office: WSC 276

Favorite Links about Math &

Quick Link to Courses.

Make use of these links to know what  is going on in the Mathematical and Statistical world.
bulletCanadian Mathematical Society
bulletStatistical Society of Canada
bulletAmerican Mathematical Society
bulletMathematical Association of America
bulletSociety for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
bullet International Linear Algebra Society

These are the courses I am teaching at the UWO.

Winter 2006:
SS 024b
SS 222b

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