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  1. Stat 722 (spectral methods) : SS722b (winter 2001)

  2. Stat 357a (Fall 2003) : ss357a

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  4. Stat 421/521 (Winter 2003) : Stat421

  5. Stat 739a page : Stat739a (September 2001)

6.      Statistics 3657 Home Page Probability I

7.      Statistics 4567/9567 Advanced Probability

8.      Stat 9934b  Spatial Statistics

9.      Statistics 3858b Statistical Inference

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Current students:

   I have some MSc students working on discrete time finance modeling and simulation questions.  These include risk neutral option derivative pricing for ARCH type; Markov models of the returns process; estimation for nonlinear time series; empirical processes of residuals; penalized estimation.

There are MSc projects in modeling of forest fire starts and stochastic models of fire growth.



More information on my past and current dogs and related canine topics can be found by clicking on  DOGS

The following two (Frodo and Dexter) did not work on modern statistical applications, but assisted in other ways.

        Frodo and Dexter (August 1999).           

froddex1.jpg (21512 bytes)

Dexter (1995-2001) died prematurely with a very aggressive form of cancer.  Frodo (1993 - 2003) died in February 2003 at age 9 and 1/2.  July 1, Frodo's birthday is a national holiday in Canada.  It goes by two names, Canada Day and Frodo Day, although the second is not as well known nationally.


New Students:

medical imaging: UWO has a well known medical research community, including a group at the forefront of medical imaging headed by Aaron Fenster. I am looking for a student to work on some ideas of data reduction, classification and comparison of ultrasound and other imaging data. The initial method will be an application of spectral methods. We will make use of Fenster's computing facilities. As the work progresses, Fenster's group will also run experiments for us to supply us with the best possible data for the methods. His group develops the hardware, and are very interested in the participation of statisticians.

Other interests:

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