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Statistical Science (15) Actuarial Science (11) Financial Modelling (8)

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Course Course Title Term Semester
AS9004A Survival Analysis A Fall
AS9005A Advanced Risk Theory A Fall
AS9007B Advanced Multistate Models B Winter
AS9424B Loss Models I B Winter
AS9426A Actuarial Practice I A Fall
AS9429A Life Contingencies II A Fall
AS9553A Mathematics of Finance A Fall
AS9824A Loss Models II A Fall
AS9860A Selected Topics in Actuarial Science A Fall/Winter
AS9912B Risk Measures & Dependence B Winter
AS9972B Mortality Modelling B Winter
FM9521B Financial Modelling II B Winter
FM9522A Introduction to Financial Markets and Quantitative Finance with Excel A Fall
FM9523B Investment Portfolio Management B Winter
FM9555A Corporate Finance A Fall
FM9578A The Mathematics of Financial Options A Fall
FM9587A Financial Risk Management A Fall
FM9590A Stochastic Processes with Applications in Finance and Actuarial Science A Fall
FM9593B Monte Carlo Methods and Financial Applications B Winter
SS9030B Topics in Statistical Inference B Winter
SS9045L Teaching Statistics (Summer 2016) L Summer
SS9055B Generalized Linear Models B Winter
SS9544A/B Statistical Consulting A/B Fall/Winter
SS9654A Markov Chains with Applications A Fall
SS9657A Advanced Probability A Fall
SS9833B Analysis of brain imaging data B Winter
SS9848A Multivariate Analysis A Fall
SS9850B Advanced Data Analysis B Winter
SS9859A Regression A Fall
SS9861B Time Series B Winter
SS9864A Statistical Computing A Fall
SS9914B Probability and Measure B Winter
SS9924B Advanced Regression B Winter
SS9935B Parallel Computing B Winter
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