The TA will have some material for the tutorial.  The handouts used for the tutorial are here .

Old term tests and exams are posted here in a password protected site.  The password will be given in a lecture class.


Handouts used in the lectures.


Jan 8,  2018 :  course outline and ch8-2intro.pdf

This uses data from the text,   It comes with a CD with the text.  The data set is also available from where you click on the Data Sets link.  It comes in various formats.  Often csv format is most useful as many statsitical packages can read these, including R.  ASCII is also a useful version in the same sense.



illinois60.txt  this is a data set that we use for some gamma fit data examples later in the course.

Jan  10 :  Ch8-StatModels.pdf   This material is not from the text, but some background material to Chapters 8 and 9.

Jan 12 :  Continue with example from Jan 10 handout. 

brief introduction to empirical distribution function (edf) with an R example.   edf1.R

This R script is an Rgui file, but you can copy these commands to an Rstudio script if you prefer to use Rstudio

January 15, 2018 :

The student can work through the first at home, and the second we will look at in class. At this point only part of these R scripts can be used. It also includes some methods on how to find the approximate variance and its estimator, of

sqrt(n)*( theta.hat_n – theta)

which is based on the so called delta method to be discussed later in the course.



Jan 17, 2018 : continue with

ch8-3-estimator-prop.pdf    Some handout files are named to indicate they are based on or give examples for sections in the Rice text.  Here the handout refers to Chapter 8 section 3.



Some handouts for the next or so lectures.

The next two files give a review of two main methods of constructing estimators, the method of moments and maximum likelihood. In this course we also find how to obtain their approximate distributions.

Ch8-4MethodofMoments.pdf This is a review of a topic in the second year course Stat 2858

Ch8-5-MLE-I.pdf Most of this handout is also a review of material from Stat 2858